What Is A Good Website Ranking Tool?

Gone are the days when all you needed to do was create a great website and then leave it alone. Now, you have to work at it and be careful on what website ranking tool you use to ensure that it follows the rules of search engines, particularly Google. There are many ways to increase website ranking, which are part of a great SEO plan. But the more you do it to game the system, the higher the risk you expose your website.

A good website ranking tool will help you with linking. It will make your submissions easier because it will help you keep track of them, much like your WordPress dashboard. A bad website ranking tool will link to hundreds of websites that contain spammy articles and whose content are duplicated and badly spun. When the next algorithm tweak comes around, guess whose website will get affected. You’re right, nobody escapes the search engines’ quality group!

You’ve put so much time and effort into getting a good site up. Do not fall prey to tactics recommended by supposedly internet gurus who want to sell you the latest website ranking tool. If they promise you hundreds of links in a day, or automated content, or even will submit articles to article directories without your approval, then beware. You’re better off doing submissions yourself to ensure quality!

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