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How to Advertise Your Blog For Free and Drive Massive Traffic!

I am going to explain how to advertise your blog for free and drive massive traffic. There are so many ways to do this, however the average person will get overwhelmed and achieve nothing.

1339981763_191My advice to you is to find free traffic sources that will work for you and then focus your efforts on expanding. In all honesty if you want to see massive traffic you will need more than one source. However some of the free traffic sources are very closely guarded secrets so you will need to do a little digging, are you with me?

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If you truly want a profitable business, in my opinion, there is no easier way than to advertise your website for free. That means even if you turn over a very small amount, it is still profit. However as your profit increases, you can learn how to outsource the time consuming tasks.

For today we will be focusing on free ways to advertise your website, outsourcing is a big topic on its own. So, how do you advertise your blog for free?

Leveraging Highly Trafficked sources

I am going to keep this as simple as possible. All you have to do is find out where the traffic is, then put yourself in front of it. It is as simple as that. Luckily, nowadays there is a wealth of places to market your website for free.

Forums: A great way to advertise your website free is to find high traffic forums. Frequent the forum and actually read the material. Start to provide some valuable responses. The mistake that most people make is by spamming. You see if you leave silly comments you will get no interest.

On the other hand, if you provide a well drafted response to a thread, the other followers will respect you and want to see what you are up to, are you with me? Then they will visit your blog and follow your posts.

Social Media: Similar to forum marketing is social media. Provide some quality information in the social media site. This could be an article or a link to a useful post you have on your blog. Do it on a regular basis and watch your traffic go through the roof! You will truly learn how to advertise your blog for free.

Find out more about how to advertise your blog below with good content and targeted traffic.

How to Advertise Your Blog Through Article Marketing

Article marketing is the most common practiced strategy of most internet marketers, writing articles and back linking to their page. So, how would you be able to advertise your blog through article marketing? Simple because there are enormous numbers of article directories that allow you to post high quality content articles.

Articles that were and will be posted to directories have criteria or requirements. In order for you to advertise your blog properly make sure that you are following each site’s rules or policy when it comes to article writing and marketing. All written contents undergo approval before submission. So, in this case make sure that you are honestly writing the articles 100% unique or original to prevent them to be rejected.

Approved articles mean that you are successful in advertising your blog because successful post would mean that you are also sharing your link or website to all readers.

Through article marketing you are giving the readers what to expect from your blog site. Make sure that when you write them, it has all the relevant information that will interest the readers to click on your official blog site or web page. Write them grammar error free. They represent the whole of your website, some readers take first impression from what you have written. This is the reason why you are advertising your website through writing articles because you are giving them a brief introduction of your blog. Make sure that it is presented well.

However, do not spill all the information; give them a little curiosity about your page. Spilling them all the information would not need them to visit your page. Just give them a little squeeze or tease that can motivate them to click that blue link in your article and eventually lead or redirect them to your blog or website.

It is time to advertise your blog through article marketing; you do not have to write very long one, ideal length of articles is 300-500 words. Make it short but readable and easy to understand so they will know what you are trying to push or tell them. Give them that excitement about your website. It has been said that very long ones can be plain boring for other readers.

Read more for additional information on how to advertise your blog, successfully and effectively!

How to Gain Traffic to Your Blog

What is peanut butter without jelly? What is paint without a paintbrush? What is blogging without traffic? Nothing! These are all things that need one another to feel “right” in the world. As you may very well already know, the one thing that drives the world of blog writing, is the readers and the traffic that it brings to any one website.

Whether you are showcasing your blog posting or want to bring more traffic to a sales website through blog writing, it is ever important to maintain a good traffic rating. But, what is traffic? No, I don’t mean the 9 to 5 hustle and bustle of vehicles through city streets, but the “hits” or amount of people who ebb and flow to and from your blog to get in their daily dose of reading.

Generally speaking, for a blog writer, the more traffic you have, the more popular your writing has become. This is especially important if you want to do anything beyond blogging about your daily life for the thrill of it. If you would like to step into the shoes of some of the most famous bloggers who are now making a career of inviting strangers into their own personal views, you will want to draw people to you.

Through the use of key words and word to mouth, you can increase the traffic to your blog. As with article writing, you can insert common words that will help to pull your blog up in the most popular search engines, giving new readers the opportunity to scope out your writing style on their own time.

Another way to increase traffic is by using social networks. They have become a bit of a powerhouse in the way of word to mouth advertising. While yes, you can do it the old route of telling personal friends and family members, but why not give them a direct link into your blog writing world? Once they have that, they can then share it with their friends and family and so on. There is a never-ending circle of people out there who can and will read your blog if you provide them with something interesting and new to read.

A great way to keep count on your traffic is by keeping a visitor counter on the bottom or top of your page. While this isn’t a necessity, it has become commonplace for those who want to keep a close eye on how many viewers they have gotten since the day they first opened up shop.

Once you have achieved your traffic goal for your blog posting, you will find that it is then a game of maintaining your visitor count. You can do this by giving your readers something they want, good quality writing that entertains them! No one reads blogs to be bored; they are now an easy method of entertainment for many people, so, and you are now charged with the task of keeping all of your fans amused throughout your time of blogging!

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For many web marketers and bloggers, how to advertise your blog is the mission. There are many unique visitors to the web everyday, and the goal is to reach as many of these visitors, as possible. I hope my blog has given you new ideas to help you maximize your profits! Good luck, friend!

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