Use Local Search Engine Optimization So Customers Can Find You!

Gone are the days when potential customers went to their local yellow pages to look up a business listing. The days of directory assistance are also on the wane. What potential customers and clients do nowadays is use their smartphones, go to their preferred search engine and then type in the business they need.

So how do you get into your local search? The answer is use local search engine optimization tools to promote your business and to put your business where your customers are. If you have a restaurant that you want to promote, make sure that when clients search for restaurants in your area, whether as location or the type of food you offer, they can find you.

Most restaurants with website presence sometimes do not use fully local search engine optimization because they simply do not know how. What you do is first to join local groups that promote businesses in your area. Be on their listings. Look for your site’s SEO optimization report and see where your customers land. Make sure that their landing page has all the valuable information about your restaurant, where you are, how to get to you and what you serve. Use social media to promote your presence. Reward customers who take the time to “like” your page. The more value your customers get, the more they will help promote you!

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