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Rank High On Google

Being listed on the first page of Google is important to improve your site traffic. Your site and information needs to be revealed to the world and the keyword searchers. Page ranking is figured by search engines and make use of a alogorithm.
As sites are crawled by search engines they keep track of keywords and site information. It uses this information to determine a “trusted site” per keyword or one Google believes to match the searchers request. The two sites are compared and a site score is generated. The higher the score the higher the Google ranking.
The major search engines all have mutual traits with some differences. Search engines look at all the prime content, the SEO and the popularity of the site through backlinks. Working with your site on search engine optimization can help gain you ranking.
Research the keywords. You need to set the keyword tool to the exact context to get proper volumes. You need to know how many people are actually searching for your site. If you set the Search Engine setting wrong you will get a false reading which will affect your bottom line.
Target niche keywords with lower competition. The cost of AdWords will tell you the cost of the keywords with higher cost words having higher competition. Be sure that the keywords have enough searches.
Primary and secondary keywords. Don’t just focus on your primary keyword. Aim for both the high and low volume keywords. The best SEM looks for and targets relevant keywords.
Don’t forget the end user is a human being. Quality content offers value to the user and has enough keywords to please Google. Make a list of your target keywords and supply info that the user can use. Must refresh your site weekly with content with 300 words posts. Keep adding fresh posts to keep the keywords moving up.
Make sure that all the pages of the site have different titles, descriptions and keywords.
Your title tags are a very important tag for SEO. Google supports approx 40 characters in the title, while Yahoo allows for twice that much. It is crucial to have targeted keywords in the Title.
META Description Tag – These were once important but are no longer. Some engines do display the description defined, while others do not. Different search engines will read and use the decription when ranking. These are important when it comes to influencing the user. To make sure that you have not missed any tags or damaged any links in the process, use an SEO tool to look over your website.
Search engines prefer linking that is easy to navigate like the Siloed Style Structure.
You must have a sitemap generated and submitted to the search engines.
Continue to build up your traffic. So now you have determined the right keywords on the right pages, you’ve created all of the necessary content, and you’ve optimized all of the content to the best of your capabilities.
Great – you’re now in the top percentile for optimization of the websites that are targeting the keywords you’re trying to target.
To get to the top of Google you need to make sure your SEO is near perfect with great and effective SEO tools.
Remember don’t get lazy. Continue adding good quality content. This is a must as it will draw regular visitors to your website.

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