Lofi Hip Hop Music on Youtube

Chill music is the next big thing!

Lofi hip hop in particlular is blowing up big time!

If you spend any time on youtube or flipping through blogs you have surely seen the study girl and run across lofi hip hop radio.

It’s a pretty big thing on Youtube and among bloggers.

What is it?

Well – basically there are channels that play videos with music. The ones I am talking about are lofi hip hop chill music channels.

The most popular ones are College Music and In Your Chill.

They get an amazing amount of viewers who listen to to the music while studying and or relaxing (or sleeping maybe)

Check out some Lofi hip hop music on Youtube

The channels usually feature an anime type graphic – often stolen and used without permission – and play that old sounding jazzy chill music but with hip hop beats and elements mixed in.

At first the music may seem old sounding but when you really listen you’ll find it can be pretty innovative.

Go ahead. Give it a try.

If you are a musician make some beats and submit them. You might get famous!

Submit Chilled Lofi Music

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