How tell a good web designer from a bad one

What are you looking for when you have a web designer do work for you?
Bad web designers
Just like in anything else, it will always take one bad apple to ruin the reputation of the entire bunch.  Bad web designers make it difficult for you to look for a legitimate web designer who can produce professionally made layouts that can make your competitors run for their money.  But how do you avoid them?  It’s as simple as distinguishing the bad apple from the good bunch.
• Over-reliance on animated GIFs, Flash and Javascript in their pages – while a few GIFs and some flash content can make a website interesting, a website filled with animations looks overdone, tacky and amateurish.  Apart from that, animations eat up a lot of bandwidth and can slow down the loading of the website on one’s computer.  Of course, bad web designers do not know that.
• Clashing and uncoordinated color schemes and poor graphics – bad web designers believe that the more colors there are on a website, the more interesting it would seem.  But on the contrary, a website with loud and uncoordinated colors will not only look crass but also give the viewer an instant headache.Top it off with bad graphics and your website will give you the credibility you’re hoping to build.
• A table-based layout – professional web designers already use CSS as this layout is accessible by more devices than a table-based layout.  Apart from that, updating websites with table-based layouts are much more labor-intensive compared to websites created in CSS layout.
• No knowledge or mention of web standards – bad web designers may not place much importance on web standards.  But by following standardized best practices, a website may not only have a professional look and feel, they will also be more optimized for search engines compared to websites with no valid codes.
• No knowledge of SEO – a good web designer is aware of the benefits of placing optimized metatags and properties on a website to improve its searchability in any search engine.  As a result, you not only get badly written content, your page will also not be able to rank higher.
• No proper communication with the client – good web designers will often update the client about the progress of their project.  They will also give you a preview of the design they’re making for your website, allowing you to give them feedback promptly. Good web designers will also listen and incorporate your input. It is their job to recreate your vision for your site. Not only will they make it less stressful for you, but they’ll also ensure that if you need them to make any changes, they will be followed, until you’re satisfied.

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