Counting Your Profits from Targeted Advertising

Yes – blogs can make you money!

There are a million different ways to make money these days.

This is why so many people who already have decent careers are able to supplement their income in some way or another. Since you may be brand new to the game of web publishing and online money making, this article will help you to better understand how to make money with Adsense and affiliate sales. Advertising profits from home can come from Google’s Adsense Program. These are just some wonderful ways that so many people earn additional income. Some of them even do a lot more than that. It may be difficult to swallow, but some people are making six figures a year or more with online earning methods. You can as well!

Let’s first go over what Google Adsense is. And this is where you must know your audience. To use Adsense, you must figure out first, who it is you want your site to focus on. This way you will have a better idea of how people make money with adsense. Basically it is a free program that anyone at least 18 years of age can sign up for.

Once you sign up for a Google Adsense account, you are given a pub-id number. This is what you will use on your websites and blogs in order to place advertisements on them. So picture this; you crated a new blog about skin care. Now once you use your Adsense code to place Google ads on it, there should be relevant advertisements that show up on your blog. When web surfers encounter your blog, they may choose to click on an ad that interests them. When they do so, you earn a portion of money. It will show up in your Adsense account.

This is essentially called web publishing or blogging. You are creating websites and blogs with information in order to earn ad revenue. As you continue to build the sites and blogs, your ad revenue increases, because of the additional traffic it accumulates. More visitors means more ad clicks. This is basically how people just like you make money with Adsense. It is wise to seek out a niche that you understand, but one that is not done to death already. Consider topics and areas that are not so heavily covered. In other words, you may have some difficulty writing about cell phone plans or diets. These are already covered like crazy.

While you can certainly make money with Adsense, you can also beef up your income with affiliate sales. This is when you use links on your websites and blogs to sell products or services. When you embed a certain link that leads to a product or service for sale, you get a portion of the sale or commission when someone buys it. You can use Google Adsense and affiliate links on your website at the same time if you choose. However, if you go with a free blogging site, make sure you read the rules first.

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