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While it is easy to get caught up in submitting to article directories to the point of almost spamming – it should be noted that a few simple submissions on a regular schedule will be beneficial to a website who has good genuine content.

1339981763_191The Internet is the most important medium to spread articles and press releases. There is hardly another far-reaching instrument to publish digital information or publications. Of course, you can use newspapers or literature to spread knowledge or information.

However, the Web is total coverage hard to beat. To make accessible now certain press releases or articles of public are used with article portals or directories. Pure press directories but no possibility internal text links in the post to integrate. Unlike now an article portal which offers the possibility of a link (backlinks) the author of a specific article. Usually called “Content for backlink”.

This means that article directories for free for a categorical specialist publication content and backlinks granted the author in return. Thematic improving of link popularity is an indication and an important factor of search engine optimization OffPage optimization of Web pages). However the author of an article on duplicate content (DC) should take care and never publish an identical text on other domains. The value of the contribution this has a negative impact on the overall optimization. Important information to the users of the reader can be placed in an article Portal in a thematic category.

So-called tags using keywords should be carefully selected and matched to the article and specify. Article prior to the submission of the Article Directory should be optimized by the author which to publish.

While a certain Desnity is a decisive factor still ahead to find the articles in the results pages of search engines. The choice should be chosen for a successful optimization of Web pages necessarily article portals or press directories. The leading search engines place a value on unique themed content (texts) with embedded links.

The word number of posts in the article portal should be the prescribed length. Guidelines as about 250 words are realistic, the more the merrier internal backlinks will be settled.

The copyright of the article should continue to be the author. Finally very mentioned that article portals are always an excellent alternative for the optimization of Web pages.

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