Advertising Profits From Home

Yes! It is possible to make your blog successful and get residual advertising profits from home  or while you’re home. Imagine a store that never closes. Customers come in 24/7. Successful websites are just like those 24 hour stores. Somewhere right now, there’s somebody online searching for information. The goal is for your website to be ranking so they can see it and visit it. Advertising profits from home, while you sleep, while you’re being a homemaker or a great baseball coach is what online marketing is all about!

Generate Leads – To Your Blog

How easy is it to generate leads to your blog? Creating a blog authority requires hard work and dedication. The overall purpose of all business marketers is to generate leads and create income. Creating realistic goals while remaining focused on attaining them, will yield much greater results.

One of the first lead generation techniques to carry out will be determining your “why”. Complete a personal assessment, conclude whether article marketing is a task you are ready to take on. Article marketing for SEO (search engine optimization) will need work and dedication.

In order to create an authoritative blog presence, find something you are passionate about. This is extremely important, due to the amount of time you will be investing in research and content creation. A passion for your niche will help in keeping your degree of excitement and dedication.

Generate Leads – Proper Keyword Research

Proper keyword research will yield the greatest results to generate leads. Time commitment will be required for keyword research. Some keywords will need more time, while others less. The main difference will be the competition within each word. Finding an ideal keyword or phrase within popular keywords, will be more difficult to find. Steps to take in finding an ideal keyword are:

  • finding keywords with mid to high search volume – the higher the number of searches, the higher the level of competition
  • page ranks of the top 10 sites for your chosen keyword – page rank is the level of authority Google has assigned
  • page optimization (SEO) and number of back links to that page
  • commercial intent based on the average CPC (cost per click – a high CPC deemed a buyers keyword)

Once you have done your keyword research and find the “golden nugget” it is time to begin creating content surrounding that keyword.

Generate Leads – Article Creation

Creating content to generate leads is the sole purpose of the research. In order to fully optimize the keyword and receive the greatest results, the structure of your article should consist of:

  • a catchy title – utilizing the keyword and grabbing attention
  • first paragraph should present a question or problem
  • body of the article should outline the benefits, a solution and answer
  • strong call to action offering the solution through your product or services, also offering the ability to add a capture page and link back to your site.

Creating articles to generate leads may seem a long and sometimes tedious task due to the research. The goal and focus with these lead generation strategies, will cut needing to buy leads. Properly researched and written, the goal is to generate leads through Google organic searches.

Julie K Beachum would like to say, thanks for reading. I hope you found some value.

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Great content + promotion + links will mean advertising profits from home for you! Read this great article and follow the tips.

How To Use Content To Attract Massive Traffic To Your Home Business Blog

If you’re new to Internet marketing and you’re just starting out online with your home based business you’ll soon learn that targeted traffic will be the life blood of your Internet enterprise. I’m sure you’ve heard from other entrepreneurs on the web that content is king and in order to get the people you want on your home page you have to give them the information they want and need.

So with that being said how do you use your website content to drive targeted traffic to your web page? There are several ways to accomplish this including using these 5 tactics:

1. You must post information relevant to your website’s theme and your home business idea. The main objective of your blog is to redirect visitors to your product offer or your business page. You do this by attracting them to your web log by giving them the type of information they’re looking for via articles, written by you or outsourced, pertinent to the topic at hand.

2. Your blog content must be updated on a regular basis for the benefit of your readers as well as the major search engines online. People are creatures of habit and if you add new editorials at certain times during the week your prospects are more likely to get into the routine of dropping by on a regular basis to check out your writing. Also, Google and company are more likely to index your site and visit more often if you’re conscientious about adding new commentaries at regular intervals.

3. Provide your readers with information that solves their problems or answers their questions. If your content helps people with their business they’ll soon begin to view you as an expert in your field which will make it more likely they’ll do business with you and buy your product. Relationship building is an important part of any sales process and the best way to establish your credibility online is by enhancing your reputation as an Internet marketer.

4. Write articles that are timeless and you’ll attract new visitors for many years to come. Make sure you select topics that will be relevant to your blog’s theme not only now but also in the future. This will help ensure a steady stream of new prospects for many years to come.

5. Make sure your content is optimized for the major search engines online. The easiest way to accomplish this is by ensuring your articles are optimized for your blog’s and your niche’s keywords. However, this can have a negative effect on Google and company if you over do it by saturating your website with these key phrases. This may encourage the search engines to ignore your web page which will discourage people from visiting your home page.

In conclusion if you post relevant information which is timeless on a regular basis that addresses people’s problems and attracts the search engines attention your home business blog will attract all the targeted traffic you need for a long time to come.

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Know your target audience. Know their demographics. Learn how they spend their money online. If you follow these steps, advertising profits from home, from your website, is achievable!

Learn How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog With These Simple Strategies

After you establish an online presence and create all the required accounts the next thing on your list is to drive traffic to your blog. This is a crucial element of your online business because without it, you won’t be able to generate leads and turn them into customers.

You can get traffic in both ways: free or paid. In the long run, the free methods are more effective because you bring visitors to your site this year or over 3 years. Instead, if you cut off the budget for Facebook PPC or Pay per Click the steady stream of potential customers is gone.

Thus, today I will share with you some powerful free strategies to drive traffic to your blog. Enjoy!

1. Niche Marketing Domination

It’s a very powerful technique that combines article marketing, blogging, social media and SEO.

Basically, you have to choose a primary keyword and 4 secondary keywords based on the first one. After that, you write 4 blog posts with these 4 words and interlink them. In the end, you publish all of them at the same time. With the proper syndication, you will reach the first page of Google in less than a day and be able to generate huge amounts of traffic and leads! Very strong!

2. Article Marketing

Write articles ( with 400-500 words) and submit them to the best article directories: Ezine Articles, Article Dashboard, Go Articles and so forth. In the resource box you have to include a link to your blog and a capture page link. This way, you drive traffic to your blog immediately and for the years to come as well.

3. Video Marketing

It’s a strong method that serves for multiple purposes: traffic, marketing and branding. You have to shoot a video and submit it to various video sharing websites: Youtube, Metacafe, Vimeo, Daily Motion and many more others.

4. Blog comments

If you visit daily more blogs from your niche and leave a comment there, a backlink will be created instantly. As a result your traffic and rankings will grow considerably.

5. Forums

It’s a popular technique in the online world. You must visit various forums related to your domain and leave a comment with a link back to your blog or to a specific capture page.

6. Content syndication

After you write an article, a blog post or shoot a video make sure to distribute it in as many places as possible: article directories, social media sites or social bookmarking sites. I also recommend tribes! Your content is shared by other people and you get a ton of backlinks and traffic.

These are 6 powerful strategies to drive traffic to your blog for free! Stay consistent with them and you will see massive results!

If you want to learn more traffic generation strategies that can bring you visitors, leads and sales after a few days then feel free to check out this video course. It will show you a simple daily strategy that can help you achieve your goals online.

Many web marketers analyze traffic and keywords in order to boost advertising profits from home. The goal is to make sure your online visitor looks at your pages, spends time to read your content and then click, to either buy, join or make a comment. Your job is to ensure that the information she needs on your website is relevant and updated. That’s how advertising profits from home are achieved!

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