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How to Advertise Your Blog on Other People’s Blogs

1342122413_job_openingsBlogs are growing, and some even use blogs as websites now. When you reach the point of wanting to drive more traffic to your blog, you may consider advertising on other people’s blog. Here are a few things you should know before doing so.

Research Traffic

First you should research the blog you are about to advertise on. Usually on the blog there will be a traffic indicator. Find out what that is, are they getting a lot of hits? The reason for this is if no one sees your ad, what good will come of it?

Additional Traffic Research

Also look for subscribers via the “Follow Me” box. This is a very common way for people to read your blog now, and can be used with many different services from Networked Blogs to BlogLovin, Blogger or other “follow” services. Another key thing to look for is a Feedburner count or feed number indicator of how many people are “subscribing” to the feed. These additional aspects may mean may mean people aren’t visiting the actual pages, but they are getting updates, or reading via their readers or inboxes. This counts, too! So if the overall page views are low but the feed count is high, you may consider advertising here.

Research Type of Readers

You should then make a determination about the blog itself. Is the content something that will attract people, who will read your blog? For instance if your blog is about antique cars, why would you advertise on a hair stylist blog? You shouldn’t. You should however find a niche that best fits you, perhaps an auto body shop blog, an event planner who hosts car shows, or someone who sells auto polish.

Finding Advertising

In most cases once you settle up on a blog that you think will benefit you, there is a “how to advertise” area of the blog. Requirements should be listed, in case you have to submit a small avatar or your blog to fit in a designated spot. This can be easy for you to do using a free service like Picnik. Usually ads are paid and will run anywhere from a month to three months.

Blog Ad Space Services

Sites like Project Wonderful, BlogAds and other services (search for “advertise on blogs” in your browser) are there to help you find a blog to fit your niche. In many cases these will use a “bid” or “flat fee service” wherein you will be able to see the traffic ranks of the blogs and type of visitors they get and from where they are coming. Project Wonderful also shows your pay per click rate so you can use it for a bit and find out how it’s working for you. Both have pros and cons and you should do your research.

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Niche Swap Ads

There are always those possibilities where you contact the blog owner and explain what your blog is about, and offer to cross feature and cross promote one another and swap blog ads. Your chances on this will be greater if your page rank and views are even with or higher than the blog in question and you should mention this in your presentation. Simply contact the blog owner and see what they say.

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Bloggers often will let you advertise your blog with a guest post.

Steps to Successful Blogging

Blogs can prove to be a very commercial and high money-spinning tool if used appropriately. Profit making from a blog is just a matter of drawing the attention of readers without indulging in any kind of personal selling.

1) Where to start?

Start your blog with a free blog hosting service such as Journal Home. A free blog host however is very rewarding in case of a new blog. Beginning with a free blog hosting service will let you do it instantaneously, even when you don’t have much knowledge about the hosting, scripts or programming.

2) Niche

Niche refers to a targeted product, service, or topic. Decide on the nature of product or service that interests you the most. Make a choice on a specific topic or area about which you can write on a daily basis earnestly.

3) Update Daily

This step is a damn necessary and not merely a proposal. Updating your blog on a daily basis not only helps to attract interest of the readers but also allures the search engines. Don’t be irregular in posting blogs as this will make your business unsuccessful.

4) Traffic

In order to earn sustained money, you must have enough traffic and visitors for your blogs. There are many ways to build traffic such as paid advertising, free search engine marketing, advertising, RSS/XML feeds, viral marketing, and word-of-mouth publicity.

5) Track Your Blog

In case, people are not commenting on your blogs that does not necessarily imply that it isn’t growing. Tracking need not be done in a sophisticated manner, you just need to install the code into the HTML of your blog and start tracking your visitors.

6) Listen to Your Audience

When writing a blog, you must analyze how others find your content and which keywords are being used to locate the blog. If you are able to locate certain keywords through which your blog is listed in search engine you must then focus around those keywords to make your blog a success.

7) Multiple blogs

Multiple blogging means blogging with and others. More of blog account means more traffic. Maintaining several blog accounts is similar to having publication in different newspapers.

8) Short & Concise

You should not write lengthy blog articles or publications. Keep your blog posts short and simple. At times you may not be left with a choice but to write long blogs, but as far as possible try to avoid this.

9) Digital Art

Include some non-advertising graphics, images, photos, and drawings in your blogs. Do not include too much of these graphics. Try not to overshadow the content with graphics.

10) Keep it Personal

The blog must be kept personal if you want it to be successful. Include personal knowledge that relates to the topic of the blog. Refrain from professional style of writing; rather write in a personalized manner including first person form. Stay away from the business style of writing.

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Successful blogs are easy to advertise for free. Lots of other blog owners will value when you cross promote their blogs.

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Attracting an Online Audience: Online Writing Tips

Writing tips for online writing involve a series of deviations from traditional writing advice. For example, in many situations of online writing, it is not possible to spend a lot of time on the background, the plot, etc. simply because the attention span of the online reader is usually less than that of the offline reader. Thus people skim through the articles, deciding in a matter of seconds whether they want to continue reading the article. This might sound unfair but that’s how it is. Thus, when you are writing content online, you need to take into consideration the factors that affect online readership and techniques that can hold the attention of your reader.

Tip-1: Organizing Content
Depending on the type of blog that you run, you might have content that is very long or you might have short posts. Long posts aren’t bad, but they need to be structured well. Don’t think of this as a chapter in a novel. Instead, think of it as presenting different ideas in a coherent and easy to read manner. This is why, when you are writing online, always consider breaking up the post into several sub-headings or bullet points.

Lists can be a great tool if used correctly. They also have the potential to go viral, which is always desirable in an online world. The more people read a single post of yours, the more people discover your blog and you as a writer and the more people will stick around.

Tip-2: Link when Appropriate
Unlike offline writing, when you write a blog post online, you can link to different websites and resources. This is a very handy tool and is the cornerstone of how the internet works. Links, after all, are the currency of the web. You can link to your own previous posts but also, always look to link to an outside authoritative source as well. This will only help your readers discover a new site and they will only come back to you for further discoveries! When a link supports your point of view or a statistic that you are quoting, it only makes your post more authoritative.

Tip-3: Know When to Post
Online content is in a constant state of flux and can change with changing news. This of course depends on what niche you are blogging on and what topics you want to cover. However, most bloggers want to stay on top of the news in their niche, which is a very good thing. However, in order to want to cover something first, they sometimes compromise on quality, which is a very bad thing to do.

When you have some new information that you want to blog about, always strike a balance between being the first to post about it and doing a thorough analysis of what the implications of the new information is. A comprehensive analysis will probably take a long time, so you should at least have some idea about what you are writing. You can always come back to the issue in a follow-up article. It is important not to compromise quality for being there first.

These are some of the tips that should help you get more out of your online writing.

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You can become a great online write with practice! The best way to get free advertising for your blog is by having other people link to your blog because they like it!

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