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Are you doing this blogging thing for fun? Are you doing it for profit? Maybe both?

The goal of many bloggers is to make money blogging. How to advertise your blog and how to increase traffic, follow close behind.  However, it is how to make money blogging, that is the very essence of all online endeavors. My blog will show you how to achieve this goal!

Blogging for Money – Getting More Traffic

Here’s what separates the men from the boys: traffic. Everyone wants it; only those who earn it actually get it. The truth is, it really isn’t as hard as you think and doesn’t require costly adwords campaigns or backlinking services, getting good traffic can be done for no cost at all except a bit of time and work.

ipad-happyOne easy way of getting good traffic and backlinks is blog commenting. Basically, you find established blogs in your niche and just comment on their posts. Make meaningful and productive comments that add to the conversation, and people won’t mind if you include a link to your site most of the time. If you just spam with “Great post!” you will likely be blocked. You can use services like Google Blog Search and Technorati to find quality blogs.

Forums are another very effective way of traffic generation. The trick is to find active communities that would be interested in your niche and become a trusted member among them. You can put a link to your blog in your signature and it will send targeted traffic that wants to hear what you have to say.

Social networks have a lot of potential for traffic, but they are trickier than commenting and forum posting. Many don’t see results at all from their methods. One good place to put your link is Reddit, even low-quality sites will get at least a trickle of traffic. Facebook and Twitter traffic generation can be complicated and there are many possible techniques, but beginners should focus on easier methods until they learn more about social network advertising.

The main source of free targeted traffic is search engines. Everyone using search engines to find what they want on the internet, and if they happen to want some information in you niche, it’s wise to make sure that these people see your site in the search results. This is easier said than done, SEO or Search Engine Optimization can get very complicated and daunting, especially to newcomers. It really isn’t as hard at it seems though, you just need to know some basic principles.

Every time you make a post or a page, you need to do a few steps for SEO. First, you need to include some keywords. These should be relevant to the page and the topic at hand. Again, think of what people would type into the search bar in order to find information on this topic and go from there. The title should also be relevant and eye-catching, preferably including keywords in it. On WordPress, you can get a plugin like the All-in-One SEO Pack to make inputting keywords and titles a breeze.

The content itself should also be SEO optimized. This can be done by using your chosen keywords for a particular post or page within the content a few times. Generally, you want to have a “keyword density” of 2-4%. This basically means that out of all the words in your entire articles, %2-4 of them are your keywords. You can calculate this using software, online tools, or by hand if you really wanted to (number of keywords used divided by total number of words).

That takes care of the basics of on-site SEO, but your sites ranking also depends on how many sites link to it. This is called backlinking, you want lots of good quality sites linking to your own to build your ranking and traffic. Blog commenting and forum posting achieve this to a degree, but you can help it out by posting links in user profiles around the web and making guest posts on other blogs. Backlinking is one of the tricky parts of SEO and many people would rather just outsource it.

So you have been commenting and posting away as well as updating your blog regularly and keeping up with SEO. You should be seeing at least some traffic after a few weeks of this. Don’t worry, if you keep up with it then your numbers will rise. At the end of the day however, your content is what keeps traffic coming back. If you aren’t writing interesting and engaging material, people simply won’t be interested and won’t come back. If you really aren’t a good writer at all, you can purchase articles for low prices from a variety of places. Freelance sites like Odesk and Elance have a ton of writers, or you can go somewhere like ConstantContent and buy the articles that you want. No matter what you do, content is king.

If you need quality articles and content for your blog or website but but don’t want to waste time writing them yourself, check out these professional and affordable writing services:

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Here is another great article on how to make money blogging. Follow the tips for maximum results.

Four Tips to Generate Massive Blog Leads

At this moment, when so many online entrepreneurs try so hard to find potential customers for their product or service, generating blog leads seems a great solution. Of course, you can have leads with Facebook or your company’s capture pages. However, you’re losing lot of benefits in the long run. Firstly, a blog offers a unique opportunity to have your “online home” where you can brand yourself, connect with people and share knowledge, solutions or entertainment. Secondly, you can make more sales automatically, easier than anywhere else.

By the end of this article, you will learn, step by step, some powerful methods to generate blog leads!

1. Establish who is your target market.

This is where all begins, and it will influence all your work! Before you start your marketing campaign, the first step is to identify who are people you are looking for. What are their goals or problems? Answer honestly to these questions!

2. Take care of your blog
We talk about your central hub where people are coming to see you. Make it look great! More important, offer a free gift in exchange of the personal data: name, email and phone number. It can be a free report, an e-book or “how to” video tutorials. If it’s very valuable, you will generate a lot of blog leads.

Here are other things you want to consider:

– create multiple opt in forms: in the sidebar, at the end of every post or by using a pop up form.
-your auto responder must be already set up, with multiple messages so that you can start the relationship right after the opt in.

-optimize your blog for the search engines and make it easy for visitors to syndicate your content.

How? Simple, by installing some useful plugins like: All in One SEO Pack, Digg, Onlywire and Google XML Sitemap.

3. Content

Study your target market and select its most urgent problems. The next is to turn them in keywords and make a research using tools created for this purpose. Thus, you will drive traffic directly from the search engines.

There is a trick here: look for long tailed keywords because they have a lower level for competition!

After the research is finished, create content using the keyword. Be original and offer value every time you write a post or shoot a video! If you do that, blog leads won’t be a problem anymore. They will want to come for the value and support you give!

4.Get as many backlinks as possible.
Having backlinks means more traffic! How do you get them?

By syndicating your content in a multitude of places: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, social bookmarking sites, tribes or article directories. Other options: commenting on other blogs and forums from your niche, submitting your blog in the search engines, blog directories etc. If you have more money to invest use paid marketing strategies such as: Facebook PPC or Pay per click on the search engines.

With the methods described above it will be easy for you to generate blog leads and build a list. However, it’s very important to move on and build a relationship with them: by email and phone. Otherwise you have only a list of data!

If you want to learn more strategies about generating leads and building a relationship with them, then check out this free video course. It will show you a simple daily strategy that can help you achieve your goals online.

How to make money blogging depends  on promoting your blog in all the right places, so it’s seen by the right audience. Know your target audience and harness their spending power.

How to Promote Your Personal Blog

It was estimated that in 2010 there were 152 million blogs on the internet. The most common type of blog is a personal blog. These are created by anyone who has something to share, like students, stay-at-home moms, business professionals, etc. So, how does someone promote their own personal blog in the sea of millions of blogs? How can one blog stand out from the thousands of others that are exactly like it? The answer is link building.

Write about something that matters. Useless information and bad writing will only make your blog more invisible and harder to find. Write about things you know about, about things in your life that are interesting to others, or about anything as long as it has substance. People don’t necessarily only want to hear about you, so target some sort of market out there. Make the content worth sharing so other sites and people will link to your site. Also, be consistent. You don’t have to write every single day, but don’t let a month pass without a new post or any new content.

It is important to be active on other blogs. Write comments, ask questions, and be seen and heard. Genuinely find interests in other blogs and keep up with them. Leaving useful comments on other blogs is just as essential as writing your own useful blog posts. Make sure you leave your link with your comment in a tasteful and subtle way, something grandiose is not necessary. Even guest write on another blog, which will allow you to link to your own blog in your bio.

User your social networking accounts to get people aware of your blog. If you have Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media profile, use it. Inform your friends that you have a blog, publish some of your blog posts on your profile, and make sure to include your link in any subtle way that you can. This can be great way to find authentic followers who will actually take an interest in your blog.

Submit articles or blogs post to article directories, like Where you enter information for the “About Author” portion, include your link to your blog. Also, submit your blog link to a blog directory, like This is helpful when it comes to getting indexed.

There are many different reasons people choose to have a personal blog, but most will agree that they want their blog to be seen. Link building is an honest and dependable way to start promoting your blog. Write about what you know. Whether it is tips on how to survive your freshman year at college or how to be super-mom, don’t just post it, promote it too.

Caitlina Fuller is a freelance writer. It is important to be active on other blogs. Write comments, ask questions, and be seen and heard. Genuinely find interests in other blogs and keep up with them. Leaving useful comments on other blogs is just as essential as writing your own useful blog posts. Make sure you leave your link with your comment in a tasteful and subtle way, something grandiose is not necessary. Even guest write on another blog post, which will allow you to link to your own blog in your bio.

Many bloggers say that the many changes  to search engine rules have changed the way people make money on the web. Some sites have seen their traffic decrease dramatically, while others have seen more unique page visitors daily. How to make money blogging has always been the same: good content, knowing your target audience, offering great products and promoting it and announcing it to the world. Make money blogging work for you. Do it smartly!

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